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How Kids benefit from our lessons

Children have the opportunity to learn a range of new life skills, grow in confidence and build concrete concentration. The sessions help children make new friends; each child looks forward to attending their lesson each week. We give children a reason to be passionate about their learning, and they love to share their achievements. Our friendly and welcoming tutors take a professional approach to fully understanding each child’s needs, working at their rate of progress. Music helps children to develop discipline, creativity and makes them feel happy through the sense of achievement they receive from playing the guitar.

What matters most

Fun and enjoyment from each session, developing and improving, growing in confidence! It's important to us that your child keeps wanting to learn guitar and feels motivated towards a goal. They can feel very proud to show their family, friends and to enjoy every experience.   

Making The Decision to Enrol

Located in Leigh and Sale town centre, our schools are easy to find. With lots of available times throughout the week and weekends, our lesson timetable fits nicely with other activities you may have throughout the week. We have affordable lesson packages for everyone.

What happens if your child doesn't take to the lessons?

When your child first enrols into guitar lessons you may have a few concerns "Will he want to continue after the first few sessions" "Would she understand music" "What about concentration and learning pace"? Our staff will answer any questions or concerns you may have about enrolling your child, on your initial contact with us we make a considerable effort to understand what matters most to you. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all lessons.  

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Why Choose Us? 

David Aldridge Guitar Schools come highly recommended by parents; children love the physical set up of the schools, and we have become parents first choice. Staff follow our company values of polite and friendly; our bespoke tutorial books work in a way that connects well with children and helps to learn guitar, in an easy way for them to understand. Children can start from scratch and make a lot faster progress than learning guitar at school.


"Every child should have the chance to learn a musical instrument."

David Aldridge 

Testimonials Directly From  Facebook


"My son has been doing guitar lessons for a little while and loves it. David is a fab teacher; he is very patient, calm and always has a smile on his face! David explains everything to a level that my child understands even if it is a few times. My son loves looking forward to his guitar lessons."

Students Mum 2018

Shell Butler

"If you're looking for a patient and passionate teacher who'll make learning to play the guitar fun for your child, then I'd highly recommend David. My two children aged 9 and 7 have been learning with David for a few years now and have made incredible progress. Their confidence has also rocketed - and thanks to David's encouragement they are about to perform in a showcase at the Lowry! Amazing."

Students Mum 2017

Sarah Kelly

"Since starting guitar lessons with David in early 2016, Archie has come on leaps and bounds with his playing. Archie has progressed at a good rate and is growing in confidence. David's teaching style engages Archie and encourages his learning both in class and at home. David has lots of patience while teaching, crucial when working with a six-year-old! We would highly recommend guitar lessons as it is not only a skill for life, it also develops listening, and concentration skills that we have seen to improve in school as well as at home; Archie seems more focused since starting guitar lessons."

Students Dad 2016

Rob Sanderson


9 Personal And Company Values

  1. Caring and Empathetic: Recognising the thoughts and feelings of others. Understanding the struggles and frustrations in learning guitar. Listening to problems with empathy.


   2. Politeness and Respect: Showing good manners in speech and behaviour towards others. 


   3. Punctual and On Time: Observant of an appointed regular time. Sessions are running and finishing on time.


   4. Focus on Self Development: Regular teacher training in the latest learning and development skills.


   5. Happy and Upbeat: Full of hope, happiness and good feelings. Showing satisfaction in everything you do.


   6. Authentic communication: Real and true in communication. Honesty and transparency.


   7. Presentable and tidy: Company uniforms. Keeping things tidy. Books paperwork arranged neatly and in order.

   8. You choose what’s best: for the student and the school's long-term program. You strive to look for opportunities to help others.


   9. Reflection time: You make time to reflect on your days teaching, and what could be improved.